Our contributors include bestselling authors on motherhood, award-winning artists, and ordinary moms.

They have been featured in:

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…to name just a few!

Lucy Aitken Read profile

Lucy Aitken Read
Lucy is currently travelling the world having adventures with her two girls, Juno and Ramona, and husband, Tim. She blogs about parenting and thrifty eco living at Lulastic and the Hippyshake.

Louise Ardern profile

Louise Ardern

Louise is a new mama and lives in England.


Baby Wisdom

Baby Wisdom
After years working alongside new parents as NCT Breastfeeding Counsellors, we really wanted to find a way to reach out and encourage parents to ‘trust their instincts’! So, BABY WISDOM was born and initially through our daily TIPS on facebook, we began to shed a little light on the ‘beautiful chaos’ a new baby brings and encourage parents to have self belief. Our friendly, research-based TIPS cover everything to do with having a new baby: from preparing for birth and breastfeeding to travelling abroad and introducing your baby to solids.

Soozi Baggs profile

Soozi Baggs
Soozi started her website, Maternity Leavers, when she left her job at an international law firm a year after returning to work from maternity leave. A single mum of pre-school twin boys, she now enjoys a freelance lifestyle – blogging, writing, consulting, inspiring, and helping women with the practicalities of leaving their job and creating a more flexible and family-friendly career for themselves after maternity leave.

Erin Balfour profile

Erin Balfour
Erin is a wedding blogger, running Way Out Wedding alongside freelance writing and co-writing a lifestyle blog all about kids’ style and décor, Oh Bambini. When not training for races, you can find her reading all about typography, fashion, and design.

Renee Baude profile

Renee Baude
Renee is a mother of 4 kids and two angels. She believes that children are truly a gift from above to love and nurture while preparing them for life. You can find her at Renee’s Kitchen as a food coach/menu maven or at The Joyful Mom Project where she helps parents find creative solutions to everyday glitches. Renee’s life’s purpose is to be a resource to women.

Kate Beddow profile

Kate Beddow
Kate Beddow, founder of Growing Spirits, is passionate about teaching parents and professionals about using natural healing, relaxation and creativity to help keep children happy, healthy and calm. She has written a range of ebooks and meditations and writes regularly for a range of magazines and online publications. Kate provides treatments and activities for children and is passionate about supporting parents through her website and members site.

Katie Berggren profile

Katie m. Berggren
Growing up as youngest in a family of 4 children, Katie relished time & space to explore through writing, drawing and people-watching. Always interested in the dynamic relationships between those around her, she later narrowed that focus to study the intimacies between mothers and their children. An internationally recognized and award-winning painter, Katie’s art career began in high school when she launched a pencil-portrait business. Graphic design and illustration took her to Central Washington University where she earned her BFA. After a brief career in graphic design, Katie was drawn to focus exclusively on painting, vowing to paint everyday. With a constant presence in galleries and shows, and with steady commissions from around the world, Katie is enjoying her career as an artist and mother. The Women Entrepreneurs Organization of Washington has honored Katie as Entrepreneur of the Year, and she was recently cited as the #1 Motherhood Artist in America.

Pippa Best profile

Pippa Best
Story of Mum is a community of supportive mamas doing creative stuff to celebrate the ups and downs of motherhood. Why? Because getting creative connects us to who we are and what we want. It makes us happier, braver, and we shine brighter together. Sharing our stories reminds us that all mums, including you, are amazing. Especially when we make mistakes. Join us!

As well as being an exhausted but mostly happy mum, and one of the founders of Story of Mum, Pippa Best writes and supports film-makers to tell their stories. Life is a constant plate-spin of intuitive mothering and her work running an international film lab and as a script consultant on feature films. She lives with her surf-obsessed husband, hilarious son and daughter in a chaotic house in Cornwall, UK. Things that make her feel good: the sea, chocolate, zumba, yoga, and puddle-jumping.

Raine Boyd profile

Raine Boyd
Raine Boyd is a reawakened artist + illustrator transforming humdrum day-to-day routines into enjoyable, fun, exciting and nurturing activities. Currently living in the Caribbean she has been sipping coconut water by the beach in search of the perfect “flat” wave to start surfing lessons with her cats. You can find her musings, artwork and free printable planners, calendars, desktop wallpapers, and all around helpful tools at LimeTreeFruits.

Leisa Breed profile

Leisa Breed
Leisa Breed is founder of, a company dedicated to teaching new parents all over the world how to interpret their baby’s cues more accurately, work out what their baby needs and how to give it to their little one so that the emotional and physical needs are met, get enough sleep most importantly, making everyone feel good, at their best and building strong, healthy attachments in the process. Leisa created The 3 Simple Steps to Easy Peaceful Sleep System, a real-world, step-by-step outline that teaches new parents how to confidently interpret their little ones’ tired signs, and help their baby to sensational sleep day and night without hours of harsh crying using gentle, proven and trusted ideas. Through her online and offline business, Leisa helps parents of young babies who struggle with knowing what their little one needs and who want to be the best parent they can, enjoy their baby and feel confident and good about their parenting decisions, and most of all enjoy a happy healthy well rested baby and parent.

Helen Butler profile

Helen Butler
Helen Butler’s business Clutter Rescue works with busy Mums to clarify their vision of an organised home – so they can achieve this vision and live their best life. To help guide busy Mum’s to achieve their goals Helen has created a new definition of BUSY and the Eight Traits of an Organised Mum. From this Helen developed the Mum Organising Styles, a personality test where busy Mums can learn to be organised according to their own unique organising style. Helen holds a Master of Business Administration, a Graduate Diploma of Education (Primary) and Diploma of Teaching (Secondary). She lives in Brisbane, Australia, is married to Scott and has one son Toby.

Lisa Grace Byrne profile

Lisa Grace Byrne
Lisa Grace Byrne is a mother to three and founder of, an exceptional online community where she equips moms to live vibrant lives. She is a speaker, coach and teacher with a degree from Cal Poly State University in Biochemistry with an emphasis in Nutrition and Metabolism. She holds a Masters in Public Health from Boston University and is a Certified Holistic Health Counselor through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and Columbia University. Lisa is the author of Replenish: Experience Radiant Calm and True Vitality in Your Everyday Life and lives in New Jersey with her family and 100 pound yellow lab.

Jessica Cary profile

Jessica Cary
Jessica Cary is a Holistic Health Coach who works with new mothers, teaching them how to nourish themselves so that they can nourish their families and become the mother they want to be. Her work happens at the intersection between women’s health + parenting. She offers one-on-one and group coaching – and online programs, created specifically for mothers who want to revitalize their health while parenting intentionally.

Ann Charles profile

Ann Charles
Ann Charles is a self-confessed Birth Geek who blogs at A Radio Producer by trade, she’s also learning how to be a Doula and attempts to make friends smile and eat cake when they’ve had babies of their own.

Hannah Danto-Dorafsha profile

Hannah Danto-Dorafsha
Hannah is mama to a not-yet-two-year-old toddler. Her post-baby body looks and feels different than she expected. She works full time and in her “spare time” blogs about body acceptance and mama body love at Visit her website to read juicy posts about the challenges of loving her mama body (and life!), including one about how to do self-care in 8 seconds (yes, really)!

Morgan Day Cecil profile

Morgan Day Cecil
Morgan Day Cecil is a writer and Christ-Centered Yoga teacher in Portland, OR. Motherhood has taught her that life doesn’t have to be perfect in order to be wonderful. She considers herself a pilgrim on the road of grace and peace, romance and adventure. Her and her husband are creating a curriculum and retreats for married couples to help them love each other well and get the most of out of their life together.

Erin Dittrich profile

Erin Dittrich

Mugwort’s Castle
Currently, I have been doing mostly small sketches, as I am a busy stay at home mom. Some of my favorite things are: gardening, fairytales and folklore, cats, embroidery, quilts, Amy Tan’s novels, antiques, thrift stores, most all little and furry creatures, dreams, palmistry, tarot cards, vintage linens, kind people, self deprecating senses of humor, playing Pictionary with friends and family, fruit, desserts, and feeling cozy.

Claudia Dominguez profile

Claudia Dominguez
I was born in Mexico, (where is sunny almost all year round), studied Architecture (first) and Fashion Design (second), married a wonderful Dutch man and now I live in The (oh so wet) Netherlands. I have 3 stepdaughters, a son and a sweet cat. Currently I work from home as an independent illustrator developing learning material for intellectually challenged people. I also have an Etsy shop where I sell handmade accessories.

Renee Duffin profile

Renee Duffin
Starting her babywearing journey 16 years ago, it was only in 2011 after the birth of her 4th child that she embarked on a professional career within the babywearing industry, firstly starting a local sling library, then starting the first magazine of it’s kind within the babywearing world. In 2013 she trained as a babywearing consultant and has continued to evolve the magazine. An avid writer she also can be found writing for other websites usually within a natural parenting vein. Her interests not only include babywearing, but web design, social media, breastfeeding, crochet and gardening.

Kate Evans profile

Kate Evans
Kate Evans is a cartoonist, author and mother. Her book The Food of Love is an Amazon best selling breastfeeding title, and her book Bump: how to make grow and birth a baby provides inspiration and information for pregnant women and those trying to conceive.

Megan Flatt profile

Megan Flatt
Megan Flatt believes every mom can have the time to take care of her family while pursuing her own passions. Her clients often credit her with helping them realize their big ah-has and big ideas. She has devoted most of her life to the pursuit of the perfect to-do list and the perfect vanilla latte. A former pre and postnatal wellness expert, Megan now focuses on helping MOM take better care of herself.

Natalie Garay profile

Natalie Garay
Natalie wants to live in a world where love is always in the air, Yoga & Pilates are prescribed over pills and chocolate is recognized as a healing property. As a highly intuitive Pilates Educator with a knee slapping sense of humor, Natalie is applauded for her knowledge and insight of the human body. Natalie has been featured on,,,, and on her own blog, The Pilates Mama. When she’s not shaping butts and strengthening guts, you can find her in bed reading the day away, strolling the beach that is her back yard or in a downward dog.

Maya Jundis Hackett profile

Maya Hackett
Maya Hackett is an unschooled, urban*steading, homebirthing mom of four, publisher and stylist. As a Legacy Architect, she’s helped raise tens of millions for beloveds and designs values-infused, inspired giving plans for those with extreme wealth, with an eye towards social justice, cultural preservation and environmental initiatives. Maya has been co-creating conscious-creative movements for 21 years, most recently Waldorfish, the Moon Storm Sessions, Matrilumina and the print field guide, Amulet. She runs Calibration Institute, a collective of world-class doctors, healers and coaches that Clear. Create. + Calibrate. families to their intentions at the cell level.  Physical pain and emotional chaos from your relationships, circumstances and events are transformed, healed, and cleared, while obstacles becomes irrelevant to your iconic purpose.   Thru live sessions, courses, clinic visits and retreats, we provide Compass Work to distinguish your innate legacy, based on your body’s wisdom, innate gesture and soul topography.  Maya blogs at Urban Organica and Waldorfish, facilitates Jams for YES! and retreats for POLLEN {institute}. Catch her talk on TED, pics on instagram and twitter @urbanorganica.

Kirsten Hanlon profile

Kirsten Hanlon
Kirsten Hanlon is founder and director of Mums and More. Kirsten works with new parents, supporting and empowering new mothers in the parenting transition, especially in early motherhood. Kirsten works with mothers to be confident in their parenting using practical and proven strategies; she encourages mothers to parent intuitively- working out what is ‘best practice’ for them and their baby. Through Mums and More she runs confident parenting courses, return to work workshops and offers post-natal support to new mothers.

Petrea Hansen-Adamidis profile

Petrea Hansen-Adamidis
Petrea Hansen-Adamidis is a mom to two boys 10 & 13 years, an Art Therapist, artist, gardener, blogger and an avid nature nut. She is passionate about connecting families through the expressive arts and offers therapeutic stories for children, guided meditations for parents and children as well as expressive arts kits to support families. Petrea is a Registered Art Therapist with over 20 years experience in the field and is the founder of, living life on the off beat! She features a parenting video series on her blog and she has written ‘The Parent Inspiration Tool-Kit: Emotional First Aid for Parents‘.

Haley Harvey profile

Dr. Haley Harvey
Dr. Haley Harvey is the founder and operator of; a website dedicated to helping women stay healthy in the chaos of life.  She integrates her formal knowledge with real life experience as a busy Mom to create a practical, time efficient, and friendly approach to natural health. Dr. Harvey has worked in the health and wellness industry for over seven years helping people reach their health goals through chiropractic care, personal training, weight loss coaching, and group fitness. She holds her Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. A Bachelor’s of Science in Kinesiology from Westmont College in Santa Barbara, California. She is also a NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist.

Nichi Hirsch

Nichi Hirsch Kuechle
Nichi Hirsch Kuechle is the mama of two spirited girls. For over 15 years she has supported moms from pregnancy to parenthood by Nutrition Response Testing, and as a Childbirth Educator and Birth Doula in Minneapolis. She publishes a weekly e-zine called Raising Healthy Families, which offers tips and ideas to bring ease, clarity and understanding to your parenting. She is also the creator of the Cheap Easy Healthy Eating System.

Kendra Kantor profile

Kendra Kantor

Kendra is a Wellness Mentor and Guide for creative women who are looking to embrace their self discovery and improve their mental health wellness. Through her completely honest blog posts, awesome freebies and one-on-one mentoring, she’s here to help you figure out who you really want to be- while making it all feel you’re just chatting to your bff! Her fans and customers have called her “compassionate” with a “loving nature” and a “gentle guidance and style” that really speaks to women with mental illnesses. Kendra “provides a gentle space where women can be validated, understood and supported.” When she’s not helping you improve your life and wellness, you can find her indulging in her guilty pleasure reads (romances or zombie novels), stealing as many cuddles as possible from her toddler and bribing her husband to go get ice cream (it’s really not that hard!). Get ready to find the real you and start your wellness journey at or her blog

Jana Kingsford profile

Jana Kingsford
I’m just a girl like you, trying to seek an easier way to balance it all so we can enjoy motherhood and life simultaneously. I have spent the last 10 years practicing the work/life/study/baby/kids/ family/home/self balance and I feel compelled to share everything I have learned over the past 10 years of juggling. I believe enjoying life is largely to do with the fuel we put in our bodies, the excitement we foster for everyday and our willingness to step outside and beyond our comfort zones to try something new, different or silly, just to check if it works for us or not.

Vicki Knights profile

Vicki Knights
Vicki Knights is one of the leading family lifestyle photographers in the UK. She is also on a mission to show busy parents how to take great photos of their own families when they don’t have a professional around to do it for them! Vicki is passionate about showing parents how to document their family life in an authentic way and to capture moments that will be enjoyed for generations to come. She has been teaching her popular half-day workshops to parents in the South East of England since 2011 and 2014 will see her launch her online course so she can help parents worldwide.

Lotte Lane profile

Lotte Lane
Lotte Lane is a writer, awesomiser and chronic over-sharer on a quest to make life more fabulous. When she is not hanging out with her baby, Lotte writes a blisteringly honest – and occasionally amusing – blog that she hopes will inspire others to accept, admire and assert themselves and embrace their inner awesome.

Sally Mavin profile

Sally Mavin
Sally Mavin is a lifestyle blogger and editor based in London. Her blog covers a broad range of topics, from fashion, craft and recipes to culture, beauty and exercise. Sally has a quirky, personable writing style, and a particular interest in personal style for pear-shaped women.

Lorie McCown
Lorie McCown holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Art, from California State University, Long Beach, and attended San Diego State University’s Graduate Art program. She was formally trained in drawing, painting, and art history. She has made art all her life, mainly in the fields of drawing, painting, paper, yarn and fiber. She lives in Fredericksburg Va.

Lise Meijer profile

Lise Meijer
Lise Meijer is a Danish artist who believes that Creative Vitamins has an important part to play in this world. Lise is married to her Dutch husband, Jeroen, with their two children, Celeste and Vincent (10 and 7).  During maternity leave with her youngest, she felt she was about to drown in to-do-lists and mama-stuff. Instead of drowning, she used her spare time to carefully create a life centered around creativity. In time (ok, in a few years), this lead to much joy whilst creating and selling her own line of cards, posters and calendars. On Lises website you find tutorials on creativity, as well as a link to her webshop with soulful cards and posters.

Mama Melzie profile

Mama Melzie
Mama Melzie is a self proclaimed happiness leader, on a conquest to discover how to spread more joy around the world and in our everyday lives. You can join her on the happiness journey at

Christine MJ profile

Christine Marion-Jolicoeur
Among other things, Christine is a social worker, author, artist, entrepreneur, research geek and joyful mum to two amazing little people. She studied criminology, psychology and chemistry in university and has been working in social work for the past 10 years. Being a mum is the best and hardest job she’s ever had and she’s grateful every day for the lessons she learns about how to live and parent on purpose. Her work is all about helping parents move through frustration, fear and confusion to clarity, confidence and creating joy in their lives and families.

Morgan Nichols

Morgan Nichols
Single mother to 7 year old Jude, Morgan is a published poet and novelist-in-process and has been running writing workshops and groups since 2008, including ‘Wild Writing’ workshops and ‘Your Story Matters’ writing workshops for mothers. She runs a support network for creative soulful mothers called Wild Motherhood. She’s author of “Wild Motherhood: Keeping the Creative and Soul Fires Burning”, and creator of the Wild Motherhood E-Course. She facilitate groups for the charity Mothers Uncovered, a creative support network for mothers using discussion, art & writing.

Ellen Nightingale profile

Ellen Nightingale
Ellen Nightingale is a writer, mama, speech-language pathologist, and creativity coach. She is a “doula for mama’s dreams” leading workshops for moms seeking breathing room to explore their creative passions. She facilitates parent-child groups at the Nan Tolbert Nurturing Center with a big mission to normalize parenting challenges and support early parenting skills. Her coaching shingle has recently come out at She blogs about choosing her own journey with intentional living through motherhood, having the breast cancer gene, and living simply.

Casey ORoarty profile

Casey O’Roarty, M.ED
My name is Casey O’Roarty – I am a wife, mother, former elementary teacher and Certified Positive Discipline Trainer. I have a BA is Sociology from the University of Arizona, and a Master’s Degree in Education from the University of Washington. I teach teachers and parents all about how to build stronger, more authentic relationships with the children in their lives… I encourage grown ups to begin the process of embracing the challenges that come up, and see them as opportunities to model, teach and practice the skills we want our children to learn to embody. I am also a student of yoga and guitar, love a good dance party, and have been known to get crafty!

Marcie Page profile

Marcie Paige
Marcie Paige teaches new moms how to use baby sign language, emotion coaching and mindful parenting to inspire good behaviour and a positive attitude. When you combine these three powerful parenting tools, you are guaranteed success. She is also the creator of Adventures In Baby Signing. A six-week guided journey, complete with video lessons and printable posters, so you can start communicating with your baby, long before words kick in.

Jessy Paston profile

Jessy Paston
Jessy has been an obsessive photographer since she picked up her first camera at the young age of 12, taking photos of beauty around her from her African childhood home to her current home in the UK. She is also a Samaritan, a volunteer role listening to people who are in distress or suicidal. This role has taught her great humility and reminds her that we all need each other. She is currently studying to become a professional counsellor (with CPCAB) and has always found the human mind fascinating, reading hundreds of books on the topic. After suffering from depression for years, and indeed postnatal depression, Jessy found taking and using photographs helped in the healing process, helped her forgive herself, make her relationships stronger and helped her move on with her life. She now runs a successful family portrait business, is mum to two wonderful kids and is on a mission to help women love themselves and their bodies through the process of therapeutic photography.

Lucy Pearce profile

Lucy H. Pearce
Lucy H. Pearce is author of Moon Time: a guide to celebrating your menstrual cycle, a book that hundreds of women around the world have labelled “life-changing”. Her girl’s version Reaching for the Moon has just been published and is a soulful guide to the menstrual cycle for girls aged 9-14. Her second book, Moods of Motherhood is a journey through the diverse emotional weather of motherhood, and according to one reader, “This book puts the mother back in motherhood”. Her fourth book, The Rainbow Way: Cultivating Creativity in the Midst of Motherhood, was published in November 2013 by SoulRocks, featuring the voices of over 50 creative mothers including: Jennifer Louden, Julie Daley, Pam England and Leonie Dawson. #1 bestseller on Amazon in the UK and US in a number of categories, it has been credited with awakening women’s creativity around the world. The mother of three home-birthed children, now aged 8, 5 and 3 she lives with her husband on the south coast of Ireland. She is contributing editor at JUNO magazine, and creator of The Happy, for empowering women’s resources. She blogs on creativity, mindfulness and motherhood at Dreaming She guest posts for a number of blogs including: Rhythm of the Home, Tiny Buddha, The Big Lunch and TreeSisters. She is a painter of lost archetypes of the feminine and leads inspiring women’s workshops.

Kelly Pietrangeli profile

Kelly Pietrangeli
Kelly Pietrangeli is the co-creator of Project Me for Busy Mothers. She’s passionate about helping women learn how to quickly identify where things could better in life – and taking positive action to make it happen. As a busy mother herself with two musical boys and a DJ husband, life is anything but quiet. She overcame her early struggles with motherhood by continually expanding her knowledge and evolving into the happy mama she is today. Project Me offers you a free gift – our Life Wheel Tool which helps you find a happier balance across your 8 Key Life Areas.

Catherine Redfern profile

Catherine Redfern

Catherine is the organiser of the New Mama Welcome Pack. She is founder of (the UK’s biggest feminist website), which she edited for 7 years; and is co-author with Kristin Aune of Reclaiming The F Word: Feminism Today. She lives in London with her partner and son, enjoys hiking, being crafty and supporting and promoting creative people.

Jane Robinson profile

Jane Robinson

Jane is a writer, life coach, mother to two-year old Henry and horse Johnny, and so much more. She lives in the north-east of England.


Marie Ruprecht profile

Marie Ruprecht
Marie grew up in a family of artists, with lots of selfmade and handcrafted goods around herself. Her mother is a ceramic artist, her father is a painter and is running a gallery. Very soon in her childhood she started painting and sculpturing in the atelier of her parents. During her time as a Waldorf student she was educated in all different kinds of arts and craftsmanships. After having finished her studies in Visual Fine Arts at the University of Art and Industrial Design in Linz she started working as an independent artist in the fields of media art, installation art, film and photography and has exhibited her work at a number of national and international institutions. Since she is a mother to a little daughter and a little son she started working on dolls and wooden toys for her children. Some friends asked if she could create dolls and wooden toys for their children too and so she started to sell her handcrafted treasures for babies and children. She lives and works with her family in the north of Austria’s countryside.

Laura Schuerwegen profile

Laura Schuerwegen
Originally from Belgium, Laura Schuerwegen is the travelling mother of two. Currently living in Liberia, she has a passion for herbalism and parenting and writes about those topics on her blog Authentic Parenting.

Amy Simpkins profile

Amy Simpkins
Amy Simpkins is called mama by two little people, aged 1 and 2. Proving that you can still pursue adventure with kids in tow, she and her husband have flown over 150 flights to visit 16 countries since their first child was born. She blogs about tips, tricks, and hacks to streamline travel with young kids at, and would love to help you have amazing travel experiences with your growing family.

Sonia Singh profile

Sonia Singh
Sonia Singh is a Lifestyle Designer + Certified Personal Development Coach. She has combined her 16 + years of consulting experience in leading and planning programs and initiatives to Founding A Lifestyle By Design where she empowers women to create positive change in their life by first strengthening their relationship with themselves. Sonia teaches modern women how to master the tools of self-discovery, mindset, and goal-setting – so they can consciously create a lifestyle by design.

Kathy Stowell profile

Kathy Stowell

Kathy is a Mama Bliss Coach ~ a coach for moms who are seeking simple ways to stay connected to their natural state of being ~ blessed! Through her one on one coaching, bi-weekly podcast and coaching training program, she inspires moms all over the world to take care of their needs first — while making it all feel like the frothiest gesture of love to their families. Her insights have been featured on Leonie Dawson, Simple Kids, Kind Over Matter and Tiny Buddha. Some of the ways she taps into her own brand of bliss includes indulging in triple shot lattes, playing at the sewing machine and sweating it up at the occasional hot yoga class. Meet Kathy and get ready to bliss out at Bliss Beyond Naptime

Laura Sturdy profile

Laura Sturdy
Laura says, “My children are my reason for doing what I do. Between them they ignited my love for pregnancy, birth and the early years of childhood, they made me understand that my purpose for walking this planet is to support other women on their journey’s of motherhood. As a Doula and Holistic Therapist I accompany parents along their journey of parenthood in whatever way is the most nurturing and useful for them.” Holistic Mama is a collection of services for women at all stages on their parenting journey so whether you are pregnant, planning for a baby, enjoying your children, planning to wave them off as they embark on university, a doting nanna, or a loving aunt…Laura is there to support YOU! Through conception, pregnancy, birth and beyond Laura provides good quality information, support and classes based on research. Holistic Mama offers gentle, impartial and unconditional support to empower EVERY mama to make informed choices about their pregnancy, birth, and parenting journey as well as providing a range of treatments, workshops and classes.

Susana Tavares profile

Susana Tavares
My art comes alive from a growing and bubbling desire to express myself, from a need to playfully interact with color and to be able to have those special moments when I really get in touch with my inner world. I see my life as a spiritual journey with challenges and blessings I want to share, willing to inspire and reveal the very best within each one. My art relates to the feminine, to the spiritual and love. It radiates in full color and rich textures, in hidden places and rosy cheeks, in old pictures and meaningful words. It makes me believe life is a path where everything happens with a higher purpose, beyond my understanding. A path I travel with my soul, hoping to enlighten and be enlightened, on the way. So, all my art pieces are also small pieces of me. Some of those inspiring, unique moments, trying to understand … trying to leave my message to the world.

Krystal Trammell profile

Krystal Trammell
Krystal Trammell is a mama of five and the creator of Birthing in Conscious Choice, a website dedicated to empowering women through freedom, holistic wellness, and access to educated choices – in childbirth and beyond! Krystal is an insatiable learner & freethinker, and she loves to play on the internet and spend time with her family – but not necessarily in that order! Krystal is also a professional artist & writer, and has lived in Central Texas for most of her life (so far!). She loves to cook, garden, and daydream – and really enjoys a good cup of coffee.

Eli Trier profile

Eli Trier
Artist, writer, gratitude junkie and creative business guide, Eli Trier is paving the way for her beloved tribe of misfits to get creative, get unstuck and make up their own rules in art, business and life. She has just finished a year-long Gratitude Project where she drew pictures and wrote thank you notes to the people who have changed her life. In 2014 she is working on a new art project, Get Some Cat-titude – An illustrated guide to life with a feline twist.

Babette Wainwright profile

Babette Wainwright

Babette Wainwright artist profile
Babette was born and raised in Haiti. She exhibits in Wisconsin and nationally. She has worked on educational art projects in Haiti and in Mexico. She has an MFA from UW Madison. Babette’s work is informed by her African roots, and she uses the female image to convey her sense of up rootedness. Babette has been honored with grants from the Wisconsin Arts Board. In 2001 she received a NCECA Merit Award and in 2010 she won the second prize at Woman Made Gallery’s 15th International Exhibition. Babette is also a published writer and poet whose theme is her cultural dilemma. She lives in Madison with her partner Kathy. Her daughter Angela lives in Virginia. To finance her limited studio time, Babette labors as Administrator of a personal care agency and a part time Document Translator in French, Spanish and Kreyol.

Abby Winship-Hoyos profile

Abby Winship Hoyos
Abby Winship Hoyos is a New Mama as of February 2014. She helps women prepare for a healthy, empowering, and meaningful pregnancy by providing practical resources and supportive coaching to aspiring, expecting, and new mamas around the world.

Stacie Whitney profile

Stacie Whitney
Stacie Whitney is a wife, mother, author and creative muse. She overcame postnatal depression, anxiety and panic attacks to create her business, which is devoted to inspiring and helping Mamas with a creative heart, who feel that little niggle and are looking for ‘More.’ She helps them discover what’s missing and take action so they can feel radiant, fulfilled, and blissfully excited about their lives. Stacie knows about the ups & downs of new motherhood firsthand – she has a 4 year old daughter & and is a proud new mama herself of a little miracle boy who was in intensive care for over 6 weeks.

Lynda Wood
Art is the icing on my cake. The cake is filled with family & friends, sitting on a beautiful dish made in Australia. It isn’t a fancy cake, and it tastes great without icing, but it tastes even better with a little icing. The icing is currently flavoured with art journaling and painting, using acrylic, watercolour, gouache and an assortment of drawing tools. I’m not a trained cake decorator, nor do I aspire to become one, so if my cake tastes good and looks fun I’m happy.

Steffie Vandierendonck profile

Steffie Vandierendonck
Steffie Vandierendonck is an empowerment coach helping intuitives and holistic business owners struggling with fatigue and overwhelm to step into their own power so they can energetically transform their lives and that of everyone they come in contact with finding balance and fulfillment along the way. If you would like to get to know more about being an intuitive mum or raising a highly-intuitive child you can stay in touch with her at where she will be happy to take you through a breakthrough session to create that deeper connection.

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Sven Berger

(contributing photographer)
Married and a Dad of three lovely kids, one daughter and two boys, Sven started life as a photographer when his second child was born. When he’s not taking photos, he works as an IT specialist.

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Naomi Goodlet
I am a transformational life coach, counselor, spiritual teacher and workshop presenter. That being said, I try not to get too attached to labels. Let’s just say that my purpose in life is to help people to discover and reach their full potential. After years of living an inauthentic double life, running a business that was inconsistent with my true self, I finally allowed myself to become whole. I gratefully accepted my natural talent for healing others, nurtured my passion for sharing wisdom and fully embraced my inner bad-ass! Naomi’s FREE E-Book, “Be Here Now” contains 14 free mindfulness exercises to help you connect with the present moment.

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