Ready to love motherhood (without losing yourself)?


Have you ever wondered how you can be a mother and still be TRUE to yourself and follow your dreams?

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  • Do you REFUSE to believe that life with a baby means putting all your dreams on hold (but secretly worry that you’re being naive?)
  • Are you SICK of hearing how your life will be over after you’ve had your baby?
  • Do you want a different approach to the DOOM and GLOOM stories you keep hearing (oh you’ll never get anything done ever again! Is that really true?)
  • Do you want to look FORWARD to motherhood with hope and enthusiasm, not worry?
  • Do you want to know what to expect when you become a mother, so you can enjoy motherhood but still keep your own identity intact?

I can help you with that.

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Pleased to meet you! I’m Catherine Redfern.

I’m the curator and publisher of the New Mama Welcome Pack – a virtual support package from 60 international contributors to help new mothers through the fourth trimester.

I’ve created this course because I want to help more women prepare for motherhood in a positive, optimistic (but REALISTIC) way.

I want to explain how becoming a mother will impact on YOU, your dreams, your ambitions, your sense of self and your ability to get stuff DONE (because I know you pride yourself on that).

When I was pregnant I was terrified of losing myself in motherhood.


But after working with the incredible 60 contributors to the New Mama Welcome Pack, and of course on my own journey, I’ve learned a thing or two about how motherhood impacts on your identity and I want to share that with you.

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Here’s what you’ll get from this FREE crash course

1. REFRAMING motherhood


– Why the ‘heaven’ or ‘hell’ approach to motherhood debates sucks and what to replace it with
– Why mindset and motivation are so important if you want to avoid ‘losing yourself’

2. The NEW NORMAL: adjusting to motherhood


– Two challenges of new motherhood and how they can impact on your identity AND ability to get things done
– What you must understand and do in order to overcome these struggles

3. MAPPING motherhood


– How to navigate motherhood YOUR way – no-one else’s
– How to avoid becoming a two dimensional stereotype (hint: you won’t!)



– How motherhood will transform you (but not in the way everyone says)
– All change! How to ride the rollercoaster



– The ‘Four Ps’ motherhood will teach you to make you better, stronger, and smarter
– How to achieve your dreams – not put them on hold for the next 5 years.

6. SPLASH! Into the DEEP END


– Crucial ‘need to knows’ to help you survive the fourth trimester (warning: this isn’t about what to get in the nursery)

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Your adventure begins soon

You’re about to be bombarded with companies telling you which diaper cream to use and which muslins to get and to buy this for the baby and get that for the baby.

But THIS is something for YOU. How will motherhood affect YOU? Your dreams, your life, your identity?


So… do you want a pep talk before it all kicks off?

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You’ll also get news on the New Mama Welcome Pack, and naturally, you can unsubscribe at any time if you like.

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More about the New Mama Welcome Pack

Being a new mama to a newborn is an incredible roller-coaster experience.

Madagascar, Antananarivo, loving mother kissing 1 week old baby

It’s one of the most intense, bizarre, excruciating, exhausting, exhilarating, amazing, mind-boggling and transformative experiences you’ll ever have.

  • “I remember feeling like a bomb had gone off in my life”
  • “such a beautiful, crazy time”
  • “amazing and exhausting”
  • “overwhelming love, overwhelming exhaustion and overwhelming worry”

But we’re not gonna lie to you.

It can be very, very hard.


How hard?


  • “I felt like I was never going to have a life again.”
  • “I put so much pressure on myself to do things the ‘perfect way’.”
  • “I was tired all the time”
  • “I cried a lot and I smiled a lot”
  • “It felt really alien to have so much responsibility for something so small.”

And where are YOU in all of this, dear mama?

Isabelle Mae Duncan

  • You’re going through perhaps the biggest change in your life.
  • You’re trying so hard to do everything ‘right’ for the baby that you barely have time to think about yourself.
  • You’re wondering how this newborn will affect your goals, your dreams, your relationships, heck, your whole life.

You want to enjoy motherhood; but you’re terrified of losing yourself in it.

  • “It was all a blur”
  • “I didn’t realise the overwhelming sense of responsibility would hit me so hard”
  • “The life change was huge.”
  • “I wish I had not worried so much and relaxed and enjoyed it a lot more”
  • “I found it very hard adjusting to being needed every second of the day.”

Ready to ROCK motherhood, your way…

Smiling mum and baby face to face

…without guilt, overwhelm or losing yourself?

Contributors montage

The New Mama Welcome Pack is your guilt busting, empowering, cheer-leading support package, offering love, inspiration, wisdom, encouragement and reassurance to get you through the difficult newborn days.

(There’s a reason they call the first three months the ‘fourth trimester’!)

It includes moving video messages, powerful stories, practical tips, motivational advice, relaxing meditations, helpful and hilarious ebooks, printable art, guilt-crushing pep-talks, and a virtual ‘high five’ for your ‘little’ (actually huge!) daily achievements.

It includes:

  • Contributions from 60+ artists, writers, bloggers, and many gorgeous and generous creative women
  • 3 months of inspiration, love and support when you need it most
  • Videos, audios, articles, ebooks, printables, artwork and more
  • Yours to keep and access whenever you need to

It’s bursting with digital goodies from over 60 contributors in 13 countries, to uplift, inspire and support you as you embark on this new stage in your life.

Contributors montage 5

Our contributors include bestselling authors on motherhood, award-winning artists, and ordinary moms. They have been featured in:

TED_logo zen family habits tiny buddha the guardian Th leaky boob sunday_express0 Squat birth journal psychologies mag
Oprah network natureal mom natural mother mag Natural Child Mag mothering mag Momtastic modern mum juno Life-Learning-web-logo irish examiner huffington-post Greatvine well balanced mama boligliv Amulet-Logo-WEB logo green parent loved by parents netmums natural life mag
Mother and baby magmumsnetholistic parenting magrhythm of the homeWild sisterCETK-Wallpaper-sml

…to name just a few! (You can see a list of all the contributors here)

It’s all delivered straight to your inbox over three months; to support you when the daily reality of motherhood starts to really hit home.

Let us support YOU while you care for your baby

Unlike most gifts you’ll get after a birth, this is totally focused on YOU.

We won’t tell you ‘how to care for your baby’.

We will tell you how to journey through the newborn phase with confidence; feeling proud, supported, celebrated, joyful, comfortable with this new part of your identity and navigating your new life, in your own way.

Woman with closed eyes cradling baby on shoulder.

This would be an ideal gift for a first time mother; one that keeps on giving over a 3 month period.

It would suit a first-time mother whose baby is still newborn (less than 3 months old: the younger the better).

See our FAQs below for details of how to give as a gift!

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What will you get from the New Mama Welcome Pack?

You’ll learn how to:

  • Help your physical recovery – naturally with Laura Schuerwegen (ebook)
  • Define your new identity in a way that suits you with Sonia Singh (article)
  • Stop being your own worst critic with Krystal Trammell (video and ebook)
  • Get from chaos to calm in 7 days with Lisa Grace Byrne (7 day video course)

Contributors montage 3

You’ll discover:

  • The no-stress way to get out of the house, eat well and take care of yourself with Megan Flatt (video and printable)
  • Three simple ways to take stunning photographs of yourself with baby with Vicki Knights (video)
  • How to craft a home full of love to suit your new family with Maya Hackett (printable planner)
  • Why life doesn’t end when you’ve had your baby (and how to continue doing the things you love) with Kate Beddow (ebook)

Video montage 1

You’ll find out how to:

  • Ask for help guilt-free: and get it! with Jessica Cary (video)
  • Revolutionise how you think about yourself as a mama in 6 minutes with Amy Simpkins (video and audio)
  • Thrive on your journey into motherhood with Kirsten Hanlon (ebook)
  • Keep the creative fires burning with Morgan Nichols (article)

Video montage 2

And there’s more! Including:

  • Five things ‘those books’ won’t tell you about being a new mum with Lotte Lane (article)
  • How to fall in love with your post-baby body with Hannah Danto-Dorafsha (article)
  • How to take care of your mental and physical health with Kendra Kantor (ebooks and audios)
  • Ten ways to instantly supercharge your mama mindset with Abby Winship Hoyos (article)

Video montage 3

You’ll learn how to:

  • Feel Better than Ever After Baby with Jana Kingsford (ebook)
  • Recharge your batteries during nap-time with Laura Sturdy (audio meditation)
  • Be truly proud of your achievements every single day with Pippa Best (video and printable)
  • Get things done when baby doesn’t want to be put down (EVER!) with Renee Duffin (ebook and 5x video training)

12 Ebooks

…and find out how to:

  • Enjoy the precious moments of this fleeting time with Renee Baude (3x audios)
  • Reconnect with your joy with Ellen Nightingale (video)
  • Stop mama anxiety with Christine Marion-Jolicoeur (article)
  • Get organised: and get control back over your life with Helen Butler (video)

More ebooks

You’ll learn:

  • Why you are changing the world (even whilst changing diapers) by Lucy Aitken-Read (article)
  • How to change your mind about ‘doing it all’ with Kelly Pietrangeli (article)
  • How to use maternity leave to reconsider your work and career goals with Soozi Baggs (video)
  • 12 tips for post-partum recovery and self-care with Leisa Breed (article)
  • Some top tips for new mamas with Nichi Hirsch Kuechle (article)

Printables montage

You’ll learn:

  • 6 tips to kick back, stay close to home and relax in the first three months of mamahood) with Kathy Stowell (video)
  • How to have compassion for yourself with Morgan Day Cecil (article, meditation, printable artwork)
  • How to adjust gently with Steffie Vandierendonck (3x videos and article)
  • Why you’re not alone with all those feelings you’re having with Lucy H. Pearce (Moods of Motherhood ebook)

Mini course

You’ll understand:

  • How to take time for yourself by Petrea Hansen-Adamidis (video and audio meditation)
  • How to cope with the hard times with Mama Melzie (video)
  • How to heal through photography by Jessy Paston (article)
  • Why you’re not a terrible mother by Ann Charles (article)

Audio montage

And you’ll be able to:

  • Make your mornings work for you by Casey O’Roarty (audio meditation)
  • Stay healthy and fit after baby with Dr Haley Harvey (ebook)
  • Safely stretch your glorious body with pilates by Natalie Garay (2 videos)
  • Stay connected to who you really are with Jane Robinson (article)
  • Have the Best Day Ever with Marcie Paige (ebook)

Contributors montage 6

And it’s all beautifully illustrated with artwork and photographs from 16 artists and photographers including:

Stacie Whitney, Babette Wainwright, Kate Evans, Lynda Wood, Susana Tavares, Lise Meijer, Katie m Berggren, Marie Ruprecht, Louise Ardern, Eli Trier, Sven Berger, Morgan Day Cecil, Erin Dittrich, Claudia Dominguez, Sally Mavin, Lorie McCown, and Raine Boyd.

You’ll get invited to a private Facebook group where we will be CELEBRATING your achievements, MOTIVATING you and posting MORALE BOOSTING messages for you throughout the 3 months.

The group provides an opportunity to discuss the Pack’s content, and share your insights and experiences.


It seems like a lot – and it is! That’s why it’s delivered over 3 months not all at once: to avoid overwhelm and support you when the daily reality of motherhood starts to really hit home.

But you also get IMMEDIATE access to the full index of everything in the Pack so if you wish, you can dip in and out at your own speed.

What’s it worth?

In this pack over three months you get:

  • 10 audios worth £50
  • 1 course worth £23
  • 28 videos worth £74
  • 5 printables (art, planners, worksheets) worth £25
  • 12 ebooks worth £45
  • 44 insightful, practical and heartfelt articles delivered to you over three months; worth £53

Total Value = £270 (about $420)

But not only that…

You also get:

  • Transcriptions of all videos and audio files – in case you can’t listen while baby is sleeping!
  • Generous discount offers on many of our contributors’ other products and services

Praise from mamas.

Leonie Dawson profile

I wish every new mama could receive this pack as a gift to herself or a gift from those who love and support her.

Even though it’s my second time around in mothering, I felt so uplifted, held and supported by this pack. It was such a loving reminder to tend to myself. A reminder we dearly need to remember during those days that are some of the most strenuous and emotional of our lives. Highly recommend.

Leonie Dawson (

Aimee Foster profile

The perfect baby shower gift for any new mother

New mums need encouragement, support and confidence and the New Mama Welcome Pack provides that in abundance. You may think twice before ever saying, ‘I’m just a mum’ when asked what you do!

Consider the New Mama Welcome Pack to be a virtual friend – always on your side, helping you to feel confident and fabulous in the way that all mamas should. It is the perfect baby shower gift for any new mother. Let’s just say I would have much preferred receiving this as a gift than a cuddly teddy bear!

How did I feel after receiving all of the offerings from the New Mama Welcome Pack? Uplifted, inspired, capable and able. The pack has given me the confidence to say ‘yes, I can do this!’ Confidence is what all new mamas need. And this pack will certainly give you that and lots more.

Aimee Foster (

Kirsty Johns profile

I cried (in a good way).

It’s a relief that other people understood what those newborn months are like, and have come up with a way to make them better. The pieces about asking for help, about depression, about looking after yourself – they resonated so much, like I wished I’d read them years ago.

Heartwarming, heartbreaking and hopeful: a little piece of sunshine.

Kirsty Johns

Jenifer Atkins

Like a big sister or friend dropping into your inbox

I love blogs and the internet world, and coupled with the fact I was rather anxious about what being a first time mum would all entail, this was right up my street. I felt relieved that I could consume content about being a new mother without the added stress of finding the content myself or endless Googling. I also liked the emphasis on support for the mother, as looking after myself with a newborn baby is a worry.

I felt supported, encouraged, like I wasn’t the only one going through this, and relieved that I had permission to focus on looking after myself too.

I particularly loved the posts about photography and how to take better pictures. I think I’d feel guilty about thinking about something like that when there’s a baby to look after, but I liked the way they made me feel like it was important for my baby too that I take lovely natural photos with me in.

Jen Atkins (

Ruth Noel Samaroo

A fun fast track course to motherhood!

There is so much positive value for me as a new mother! You don’t have spare time to be looking for information when you have a new baby so it’s great to have access to a wealth of knowledge.

I felt confident and reassured after receiving the pack that I can still be in control of my life while having fun with my new baby girl!

Ruth Noel-Samaroo (

DonaBaumgarner profile

Powerful new mama support.

I really liked the breadth of topics, many different perspectives, and focus on mom. It’s like getting the best advice from a whole community of mamas who have been there before and want me to be successful and feel powerful in my new life.

I felt supported, empowered, and nurtured. I also love the emphasis on self care and learning to ask for and receive help from others.

I loved the baby wearing page, with videos on several different carriers. It took me weeks to find that information with my first baby!

Doña Bumgarner (

Stella Monaghan profile


The Pack saved me hours of random Googling (I had already been looking for meditations for example). I did a meditation straight away and nodded off: bliss!

The Pack is humorous, supportive, and intelligent. I felt connected to other mums, grateful to the strong and inspiring women included – and don’t feel as frazzled as I could have trying to struggle through without it.

(p.s. You had me at the bunting!)

Stella Monaghan (

Helen Tiplady profile

Really beneficial: I loved it!

Great idea and great content. Forced me to spend some positive time on the computer for me – as a break from endlessly checking for things on Google that might or might not be wrong with my baby!

Helen Tiplady

A lovely nurturing, indulgent but supportive package

Beautiful. I felt reassured, comforted. It was a real treat – so unusual to have something focused on me as a mum, rather than the baby or parenting. A real gift!

Nicola Truong

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We are here for YOU, dear mama

The New Mama Welcome Pack is all about YOU.

We won’t tell you how to care for your baby (you’re spending all your time thinking, reading and talking about that, and so is everyone else around you).

We’re here to support you. Your life. Your feelings. Your body. Your dreams.

We believe:

  • That every new mother should be celebrated and supported.
  • That every new mother should be full of confidence and pride.
  • In an optimistic and positive approach to motherhood
  • That becoming a mother is a major rite of passage that deserves recognition

No guilt. No overwhelm. No ‘shoulds’.

And absolutely no “do things my way”.

After all the baby showers have finished, after everyone has gone home and it’s just you and the baby, day in day out and all through the long, dark nights…

Mama holding newborn

  • “I had a lot to process.”
  • “I had pressure from family members”
  • “Overwhelming tiredness, joyful snuggles, loneliness”
  • “Stress. Joy. Wonder. Happiness. Worry. Fatigue. Love immeasurable. Contentment. Lots of stuff all at the same time!”

We are your support team and biggest fans…. the ones who will make you a (virtual) cup of tea, take you by the hand and tell you YOU CAN GET THROUGH THIS.

That you are powerful, you are strong, and that what you are doing every single day is incredible; and more important than you know.

These precious days will never come again. Enjoy motherhood NOW.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I have access to the entire Pack all at once?

Yes you can access the entire content! As soon as you buy you have the option of accessing the full index if you wish to, as well as receiving the emails that take you through it every other day.

The New Mama Welcome Pack has been carefully curated and designed to be experienced over three months during the fourth trimester or thereabouts.

There are several reasons for this:

  • To avoid overwhelm! (a key problem for new mamas we surveyed)
  • To deliver content at the most relevant time (e.g. postpartum recovery first, more intensive ecourses later on)

But most importantly:

  • To provide regular support, encouragement and motivation during a time that can at times be very challenging and emotional as much as it is amazing and awe-inspiring.

However, the index is there for you if you wish to refer back to some of the content, or even skip ahead.

Q. Can I buy it as a gift?

Yes! After you buy you’ll get access to a printable (PDF) gift certificate which you can give to your loved one or friend. This provides details of how she can access the Pack.

You can choose from two versions of the gift certificate, depending on whether it’s a joint gift or a gift from one person.

Here’s a sneak preview of how the gift certificate looks:

We Think that You are amazing

Q. Does the pack advocate any particular parenting style?

No. This isn’t about baby care. It’s about you as a mother and your life.

Our aim is to support you, to allow you to make confident choices that support your values and your life.

There is a section on using baby carriers and slings; but only because we think it can be a helpful option for you.

As it happens, a lot of our contributors are from ‘gentle parenting’ backgrounds.

But our main aim is to support YOU in your journey into motherhood and there is absolutely no judgement about any parenting styles of methods.

Q. Is it suitable for a new mother who hasn’t given birth (e.g. adoptive)?

The Pack does contain several references to recovering from childbirth, healing and post-pregnancy bodies, especially at the start of the 3 month period. However, the majority of the advice is applicable to any new mother looking after a newborn baby.

If you are considering this as a gift for an adoptive mother please be sure that she will be comfortable with references to birth and postpartum healing topics.

Q. Why mamas, why not fathers too?

We support equality in parenting. But most new mothers, especially those who have just given birth, the experience of looking after a newborn is very different physically, emotionally and mentally than the experience of being a new father and usually places different demands on the mother than the father.

Not only that but the cultural and societal expectations placed on mothers are hugely different from those placed on fathers. As women we have often internalised these, and this manifests in different ways to new fathers, e.g. ‘mommy guilt’, body shame, ‘doing it all’ pressures.

A lot of our content addresses these issues which are specific to women who have become mothers.

Close up of newborn on mama's shoulder

Q. Who is this pack for?

This is for a new mama who wants to enjoy motherhood but not get lost in it.

She’s aware that looking after a newborn is hard work, physically, emotionally and mentally – and wants to give herself the best support she can as well as celebrating and acknowledging this huge rite of passage she is just embarking on.

Q. How does it work?

Every other day for 13 weeks you’ll get an email directing you to a secret webpage with that day’s content where you can read the article, watch the videos, listen to the audio, or download the PDFs (depending on what it is that day!).

You can start the email sequence at ANY TIME after buying (because sometimes babies don’t show up when they’re supposed to!)

You can also access the content at any time – you don’t have to watch, listen or read it that day.

You can also download the files onto your computer to keep, if you wish.

Q. Can I buy from outside the UK?

Yes, you can buy it from anywhere.

Q. Do I need a Paypal account to buy?

No! You can buy with a credit or debit card. Here’s how:

Paying without paypal

When you get to the Paypal checkout screen, just click on the ‘Pay with a debit or credit card’ link.

Q. My baby is already three months old. Will I benefit from the Pack or is it too late?

The Pack does contain several references to recovering from childbirth, post-pregnancy issues and discusses topics that are relevant to the fourth trimester/postpartum period.

However, a lot of of the advice is applicable to a mother caring for any young baby under 12 months old.

Please check out the detailed list of topics above for more information on what is covered.

Q. How long can I access the contents?


The contents are delivered to you every other day for 3 months. But you can access them as long as you like.

Q. Can I forward the contents to a friend?

If you’ve bought the Pack or had it bought for you, we ask that you do not forward contents on to another person as they are for your personal use only.

But this would make a totally awesome gift for your friend!

Alternatively if you love the Pack and think you might know others who might enjoy it, you can earn thank you money for recommending it to others by joining our affiliate scheme. Click here to see details of our generous affiliate scheme.

Q. Will it work on a tablet / smartphone?

You can access it from any device that can access your emails and the internet.

Note, some of the content is videos and audio files, and PDF ebooks, so if your device will display or play these, you’ll be fine.

Q. How long will it take to consume each part of it?

It could be between 2 minutes to a few hours, it depends on the content.

But you’ll have access to it forever, so you can watch, listen or read whenever suits you, in your own time.

Any other questions?

Contact us at: catherine [@] or Tweet us @newmamapack

Our risk free guarantee and refund policy

100% Risk Free Guarantee: If you are not totally satisfied with the New Mama Welcome Pack after 14 days of receiving the content, just let us know and you'll get a full refund. No questions asked! We want happy mamas!

If you are not happy with the Pack after 14 days of receiving the content, we will issue a full refund.

A small amount of our content is hosted on third party websites. In the unlikely event that these websites have problems outside of our control, please allow a few days for the problem to be resolved.

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How to buy

After you click on the ‘Add to Cart’ button you’ll be taken to Paypal:

Paying without paypal

You don’t need to have a Paypal account; if you prefer to use your credit or debit card, just click that button instead.

After you’ve paid, you’ll get emails containing your receipt, order ID and ‘how to access’ details.

You can start the Pack at any time after buying, it does not start automatically (because we know sometimes babies don’t turn up when they’re ‘supposed’ to!)

All our best wishes on your journey into motherhoood!

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