Affiliate Scheme

What is an affiliate scheme?

Basically, it’s a win-win-win situation.

You recommend the New Mama Welcome Pack to anyone you think might love it and benefit from it, using your unique affiliate link.

If someone buys it through your link, you get 50% of the price.

My hope is that you find this affiliate programme super easy to use, profitable, rewarding and FUN!

In joining this scheme you will be helping to connect new mamas to some awesome resources to help them through the ‘fourth trimester’.

[250 x 125]

In case you didn’t know…

The New Mama Welcome Pack supports first-time mothers through the ‘fourth trimester’ with three months of video, audio, ebooks, articles and art from 60 contributors in 13 countries.

It’s all about you as a mama: celebrating you, supporting you, empowering you and filling you with confidence on your journey into motherhood.

[500 x 80]

It includes moving video messages, powerful stories, practical tips, motivational advice, relaxing meditations, helpful and hilarious ebooks, printable art, guilt-crushing pep-talks, and a virtual ‘high five’ for your ‘little’ (actually huge!) daily achievements.

Let me explain in more detail why I created this:

We’ve had some wonderful feedback: Leonie Dawson said “I’m really loving using it… wish all new mamas could receive it”, and it’s been described as:

  • “Heartwarming, heartbreaking and hopeful: a little piece of sunshine.”
  • “Like a big sister or friend dropping into your inbox”
  • “A lovely nurturing, indulgent but supportive package”
  • “A fun fast track course to motherhood!”
  • “Powerful new mama support.”
  • “Blissful!”

To be an affiliate you will need to have

  1. A paypal account (if you don’t have one, sign up for free at
  2. To be registered with (see instructions below)
  3. To sign up to the affiliate mailing list so I can keep you updated (e.g. with news of any special offers, price changes and so on). (You don’t actually have to do this bit – but it’ll be useful for you, I promise!)

(It doesn’t cost you anything to register with paypal or ejunkie as an affiliate!)

To get started choose from the links below!

How to join the affiliate scheme (step by step instructions)
How to use your affiliate link in text and with images
Images and text you can copy and use!
Getting paid: how it works
How to promote the Pack
How to offer a bonus to people who buy through your link
Any questions? Contact me here

How to join the affiliate scheme

1. First, sign up to the affiliates mailing list

This is so that I can send you further helpful information, updates and useful resources, or news of sales etc. Emails will be fairly infrequent.

(You don’t have to do this bit, but it will be helpful as I’ll be able to let you know about news which can help your promotion.)

Note: If you are a CONTRIBUTOR to this product you can skip this step because you’re already on the contributor’s mailing list!

Just put your details in below and hit ‘Subscribe’

* indicates required


2. Next, get your affiliate link

Follow these steps!

1. Click on this link:

Which will take you to Ejunkie.

You will see the screen below, the bit highlighted in red confirms you’re in the right place.

EJ Aff1

2. If you already have an account, use that to login.

If not, you will need to create an account.

3. Once you have logged in, or registered, you will see this screen. Click on Get Affiliate Code.

EJ Aff2

4. Select Catherine Redfern from the drop down list

EJ Aff3

5. Then, select the New Mama Welcome Pack from the drop down list and click on Get Affiliate Code. Make sure it is showing New Mama Welcome Pack and not any other product! 🙂

EJ Aff5

6. Then, copy your unique affiliate code which is shown on the next screen. It’s the bit between the ” ” which starts https://…

EJ Aff6

COPY this link and SAVE it somewhere!

Here is a video for total beginners demonstrating exactly how to do steps 3-6 above:

Highlighting the exact URL is handy if you want to use the link for social media or emails.

How to use your affiliate link with text and images

How to make an affiliate text link

Say you have a sentence and you want to make a clickable link from the words “click here to read more about the New Mama Welcome Pack!” using your affiliate link.

Here is the html code you would use in an example sentence.

If you're a new mama, this resource will help you rock motherhood without guilt, overwhelm or losing yourself. <a href="YOUR_AFFILIATE_LINK">Click here to read more about the New Mama Welcome Pack!</a> (By the way, this is my affiliate link, which helps support this website if you buy).

How to shorten your link

Because it’s a very long link, the use of a link shortener is recommended, although you need to be aware there are risks around places like and TinyURL.

The best option is to use the Pretty Links plugin for WordPress, but the choice is entirely yours.

Using your affiliate link with images

Here are some images you can use on your own website: Affiliate Resource Centre.

You can also use any of the images from the home page EXCEPT the photographs! (If you re-publish these you will get sued by the stock photograph company that I bought them from!)

This is an example of an image with a link:

newmamaAVATAR copy[Size: 180 x 180]

If you click on the image, it will take you to the New Mama Welcome pack website.

To pop one onto your site, use this code:

<a href="http://YOUR_AFFILIATE_LINK"><img

If you want to use a different image, select one from the Affiliate Resource Centre here. Right click the image and choose “Copy Image URL”, “Copy Image Address”, or “Copy Image Location” from the pop-up menu.

You will then replace the image URL in the code above with the new image URL, so it becomes:

<a href="http://YOUR_AFFILIATE_LINK"><img

Sadly, we cannot provide individual support for image links.

Getting paid: how it works

Woo hoo! The good part!

Here are the details:

  • All payments will be made into Paypal accounts only (I can’t pay into other accounts).
  • All the sales are recorded by ejunkie and you will get any money you have earned once a month via Paypal.
  • Payments are in British pounds (GBPs). You can use your GBPs in your Paypal account like you use your USD; Paypal converts it for you – there is nothing you have to do to convert your GBPs!
  • Payments are made two months after the sale – so if the sale was in March, you get paid for it in May. Payments will be made between the 7th and 10 th of each month. This gives time to process any refunds (just in case!).
  • When you make an affiliate sale, you will receive an email, which you should keep in case of any questions.

How to promote the Pack

Remember – you should always use your unique affiliate link!

For the best results you should try to lead people over to click on your link in as many ways as you can, as often as you feel comfortable.

If you just email or post about it once, people will forget about it.

Here are some ideas. For best results, try them all!

  • Have a permanent link on the home page of your website (like the sidebar)
  • Make a special page on your website about it and link to it in your navigation
  • List it in the ‘shop’ section of your website
  • Blog about it, or blog about a related topic and link it to the pack
  • Do a series of blogs about it, not just one!
  • Create a special email series or opt-in freebie for pregnant women or new mamas and link it to the Pack
  • Do a review of the Pack on your site
  • Tweet about it
  • Post about it on Facebook
  • Email your friends or mailing list members
  • Make a video about it
  • Share our tweetable quotes and sharable images (these will be coming soon)
  • Email your affiliate link to any friends and family you feel may be interested
  • Interview one (or several!) of our contributors, and mention the Pack at the bottom of each post
  • Offer a bonus for anyone who buys through your link (see below for instructions)
  • Have a permanent advert at the bottom of your email newsletter
  • Create a list of useful tips and must have resources for new mamas, and include the Pack.

We also have text you can copy and paste, and images you can download and publish on your site.

Contact me if you have any other ideas!

How to offer a bonus to people who buy through your affiliate link

Offering a bonus is a lovely way of giving a nice reward and a great incentive to buyers to buy through your affiliate link.

Plus, how lovely would it feel to send a bonus gift to a new mama?

You could offer a digital product, a discount on something, a 1-2-1 coaching call (if that’s then kind of thing you do), even a physical gift.

If you wish to do this, this is completely your responsibility: the arrangement is between the buyer and you. Obviously if you promise a bonus, you must deliver it.

One thing to bear in mind is if you give them the bonus after they buy and after 2 weeks they request a refund, you won’t get any affiliate fees for the sale (because the refund would take place before the affiliates are paid)… so if the bonus costs you money to provide, you could be out of pocket. So it’s up to you whether you take that risk or not.

If the buyer says they bought it through your link and you can’t find any evidence of this using the process below, then it’s up to you what you do.

Here’s how to do it:

Explain how it works to the buyer

1. Explain your bonus and any conditions (e.g. if it is a physical gift is it for delivery in the UK / US only and what are the delivery times, and how soon after buying should they request their bonus from you, and so on).

2. Explain that the buyer must click on your affiliate link and then buy. (If they buy after clicking on someone else’s link, the tracking will not work).

3. Ask them after they buy they should forward to you the email with the subject line “New Mama Welcome Pack How to access (save this email)”. This should contain the Internal Transaction ID which you’ll need to check that it was referred by you.

Match up their purchase to your referral

4. Look for the Internal Transaction ID at the bottom of the email they sent you (it will look something like this: Internal Transaction ID: 23008799)

5. You should also have received a seperate email notification from ejunkie about making an affiliate sale (yay!). The subject line of the email will be something like this: Sale – Catherine Redfern – ID:23008799 New Mama Welcome Pack

6. You can match up the ID in the subject line with the ID in the email the buyer forwarded to you!

7. Contact the buyer and arrange your bonus!

Questions? Problems?

If you have any problems let me know! Email me at: catherine [a]

Thank you for your support!

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