New mother? Soon-to-be mother?

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This is for you.

Recently in the UK there was a bit of debate about births and what makes ‘a good birth’.

There is a campaign out to improve women’s experiences.

The campaigners said “surely in this day and age we can do better than ‘a good birth’ meaning ‘at least we both survived and are healthy’?”

We feel the same way about becoming a mother.

Yes, it happens every day, yes, it’s a ‘normal’ thing.

But becoming a parent for the first time is HUGE. It is LIFE CHANGING!

Mama holding newborn

And especially, being a first time mother looking after a newborn baby can be one of the most intense, bizarre, excruciating, exhausting, exhilarating, amazing, mind-boggling experiences of your life.

You might expect after the baby is born, for life to get a bit easier.

The baby’s OUT of your body now, right?

The birth’s over!

Phew! The hard work is over!

Well… no.


There is a reason they call it the fourth trimester.


Not only that but the cultural and societal expectations placed on mothers are hugely different from those placed on fathers. As women we have often internalised these, and this manifests in different ways to new fathers, e.g. ‘mommy guilt’, body shame, ‘doing it all’ pressures.

Close up of newborn on mama's shoulder

And for most new mothers, especially those who have given birth, the experience of looking after a newborn baby is very different physically, emotionally and mentally than the experience of being a new father and usually places different demands on the mother than the father.

It’s… well… pretty intense.

Being a first-time mama is an amazing experience.

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