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Do you REFUSE to believe that life with a baby means putting all your dreams on hold (but secretly worry that you’re being naive?)

  • Have you wondered how you can be a mother and still be TRUE to yourself and follow your dreams?
  • Are you SICK of hearing how your life will be over after you’ve had your baby?
  • Do you want a different approach to the DOOM and GLOOM stories you keep hearing (oh you’ll never get anything done ever again! Is that really true?)
  • Do you want to look FORWARD to motherhood with hope and enthusiasm, not worry?
  • Do you want to know what to expect when you become a mother, so you can enjoy motherhood but still keep your own identity intact?

I can help you with that.


Pleased to meet you! I’m Catherine Redfern.

I’m the curator and publisher of the New Mama Welcome Pack – a virtual support package from 60 international contributors to help new mothers through the fourth trimester.

I’ve created this course because I want to help more women prepare for motherhood in a positive, optimistic (but REALISTIC) way.

I want to explain how becoming a mother will impact on YOU, your dreams, your ambitions, your sense of self and your ability to get stuff DONE (because I know you pride yourself on that).

When I was pregnant I was terrified of losing myself in motherhood.


But after working with the incredible 60 contributors to the New Mama Welcome Pack, and of course on my own journey, I’ve learned a thing or two about how motherhood impacts on your identity and I want to share that with you.

Here’s what you’ll get from this FREE crash course

1. REFRAMING motherhood


– Why the ‘heaven’ or ‘hell’ approach to motherhood debates sucks and what to replace it with
– The mindset you must cultivate to help you through the tricky times and propel you towards your dreams

2. The NEW NORMAL: adjusting to motherhood


– The key 2 struggles of new motherhood and how this can impact on your identity AND ability to get things done
– What you must understand and do in order to overcome these struggles

3. MAPPING motherhood


– How to navigate motherhood YOUR way – no-one else’s
– How to be INSPIRED as you journey into motherhood, not daunted
– How to cope with the ‘overwhelm’ factor



– How motherhood will transform you (but not in the way everyone says)
– All change! How to ride the rollercoaster



– The ‘Four Ps’ motherhood will teach you to make you better, stronger, and smarter
– How to turn the obstacles into opportunities
– How to work motherhood to your advantage

6. SPLASH! Into the DEEP END


– Crucial things to know to help you survive the fourth trimester (warning: this isn’t about what to get in the nursery)

Your adventure begins soon

You’re about to be bombarded with companies telling you which diaper cream to use and which muslins to get and to buy this for the baby and get that for the baby.

But THIS is something for YOU. How will motherhood affect YOU? Your dreams, your life, your identity?


So… do you want a pep talk before it all kicks off?

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